Life in west america

Life In West America is a post-photography project delving deep into the complexities of the American landscape: the land as a concept, as an ideal, and into the stories and identities of the people inhabiting this vast landscape.

Drawing inspiration from the early days of American color photography, the collection combines the visual language of traditional photography with the limitless artifice of AI. We go on a road trip that is both nostalgic and futuristic, inviting the viewers to question their perceptions of reality.

One day in the future AI-based generative models will learn and observe the rules of reality, becoming experts. Today diffusion-based generative methods present a rare example of shoshin – the beginner’s mind, full of possibilities, open to new ideas, capable of evocative dreams.

The dreamlike artefacts of generative methods are not hidden but celebrated, creating a pioneering post-photographic visual language. The collection also acts as a time capsule, capturing a fleeting moment of generative technology. One day the beginner will become the expert, and the moment will be lost.


Each of the pieces is generated using custom-trained models specific to the collection, all created using Dreambooth training. These models have been trained by the artist, and not available publically.

For the creation of the 500 images in the collection, roughly 35000 images were initially generated, after which approximately 15000 inpainting images were generated to enhance certain elements.

Each of the images were generated in high resolution, and then upscaled further with AI, and edited by hand. Multiple various models are applied to express different themes, and to focus on individual elements (such as faces).


Roope Rainisto is a Finnish artist, designer, and photographer with a passion for storytelling. His work explores the boundaries between the real and the virtual. He has worked for 25 years as a creative designer, now embracing the potential of AI-based generative tools for artistic expression.

Roope is the winner of the second AI art contest by Claire Silver.


A BrainDrops collection
500 1/1 pieces
Mint: 0.1 ETH per piece
Minting starts: February 8, 2023 Noon CST

Mint sold out in around 1 minute.

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